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Equipment Insurance  


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Protect your equipment and your livelihood!

As a professional, you know your equipment is your livelihood. You've invested a lot of money. Have you thought about what would happen if your equipment were lost, stolen, or damaged? The "Special Risk" Equipment Insurance Program, is worth a look if you're interested in insuring your valuable equipment.

"Special Risk" means there are very few exclusions to your coverage. You're covered for all loss or damage to equipment from theft, breakage, vandalism, fire, lightning and other natural hazards.

And you're covered no matter where you go - up to the scheduled value of your equipment. You may be aware that most homeowner's policies won't cover your business-related equipment at your office, home or in your car.

Benefit Features:

  • Claims based on actual replacement cost (up to scheduled amount)
  • Low $100 deductible!
  • Coverage for theft or vandalism
  • Coverage for equipment when it's off premises or in transit
  • Cost of this Plan may be tax-deductible as a normal business expense
  • Up to $10,000 in extra expense coverage to keep business running when computer equipment is lost or damaged
  • Up to $1,000 in any one loss occurrence for replacement of your data or media




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Important protection designed just for you


The "SPECIAL RISK" Business Equipment Insurance Plan is a complete insurance program that covers loss or damage to equipment by theft, accident, vandalism, fire, flood, tornado and other natural calamities.


The majority of the usual equipment you use is covered. You're even covered for the replacement cost of computers and software--including temporary rental fees and reprogramming costs. This Plan can also cover your traditional office equipment such as printers, scanners, monitors and other electronic equipment.


With this Plan, your equipment is covered your office or facility, a client's home, in transit, at a school, your home or in your car--24 hours a day.


The cost of this Plan can be tax-deductible as a normal business expense. The Business Equipment Program is the most comprehensive and economical policy you can buy.

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Answers about the plan, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

  • Will my Professional Liability Insurance policy cover my equipment?

    No. Your professional liability insurance policy does not cover the costs for lost, damaged or stolen equipment.
  • How can I learn more about this plan?

    Download an insurance application and brochure. Or, call us at the number listed in the 'Contact Us' section to speak to a representative.
  • Does all of my equipment have to be insured?

    No. You may select which equipment to insure. If you work for a firm, they may have a policy to cover your equipment while in the office but once it's taken out of the office, it may not be covered by the firm's policy. Our policy protects your equipment no matter where it's located.
  • What if new equipment is purchased?

    If your newly acquired equipment is less than 25% of your policy limit, you will receive automatic coverage for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. You have 30 days to notify AMBA of the newly acquired equipment and you will need to pay for any additional premium to add the item. If you newly acquired equipment exceeds 25% of your policy limit, you will need to notify AMBA immediately to add the equipment to your policy.
  • What kind of reimbursement can I expect?

    This Plan pays you the actual cost of replacement. As long as your item is scheduled for its full value, no depreciation factor is taken into account. Claims are settled on a 'new-or-old' basis, up to the limit applied for on the application.

    In addition, there is up to 30 days of coverage for short term rented or borrowed equipment up to $2,500, without scheduling the item.  
  • Do I need this insurance if I already have coverage under any homeowner's policy?

    Yes. Your homeowner's policy does not cover any equipment used for business purposes. Your computer equipment may be covered if you also use it for personal matters. Your equipment used for business purposes is not typically covered under your homeowner's policy.
  • What's the minimum premium required under this plan?

    Unlike many other business equipment policies that require you to pay a minimum premium in the hundreds of dollars, this plan has a minimum premium of only $50.00.


Any situation which may result in a claim should be reported immediately to:


Email: [email protected]


Phone: 1-877-464-1722


Theft or Vandalism Claims: Include the police report. 

Repair Claims: Include an estimate of the damage. 

Theft/Damage to Newly Acquired Property: Include proof of purchase. 

Items Valued over $10,000: Include proof of purchase.


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