Equipment Insurance

Equipment Insurance  


This "Special Risk" Business Equipment Insurance Plan is a complete insurance program.  Most homeowner’s policies won’t cover your business related equipment at your office … at home … or in your car.  You’ve spent a lot of money building up the collection of equipment used in your profession. Isn’t it worth protecting? No matter how careful you are, your equipment can be lost, stolen or damaged by vandalism, fire, and lightning.

If something happened to your equipment, you’d not only lose your investment, but you may also have to pay additional expenses such as temporary rental fees.  The “Special Risk” Business Equipment Insurance Plan not only covers your business equipment for damage or loss but can pay these additional expenses as well.   Plus, you can insure all of your equipment, even traditional office equipment such as computers and printers, for a low cost you probably won’t find anywhere else.


The cost of this Plan can be tax-deductible as a normal business expense and there's a low $100 deductible!  The Business Equipment Program for ADHA members is the most comprehensive and economical policy you can buy.


Affordable Cost

Annual Premium Per $100 of Replacement Value = $2

(Subject to a $50.00 minimum premium)

For example: If the equipment you want to insure is valued at $10,000, here's how you would calculate your premium:

$10,000 = 100 Units $2 x 100 - $200


How to Apply

Simply click the Equipment Insurance Application button.  Should you have questions or need additional information, please email us or call our insurance specialists at 1-800-503-9230 Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm (CT).


  • Do I have to insure all my equipment?

    No. You insure only what you want to insure. That's an important advantage because if you work for a firm, you may already have coverage for equipment that is permanently kept on premises. Once that equipment is moved off premises however, it may no longer be covered. Since this plan covers your equipment no matter where it's located, you can purchase it to protect only the equipment you normally take off premises.
  • Is this insurance necessary if I already have coverage under a homeowner’s policy?

    Yes.  The standard homeowner’s policy does not cover equipment strictly used for business purposes.  While your computer equipment may be covered if it’s also used for personal matters, your other business equipment such as, cameras, camera projection machines, accessories and cases, is not covered.  Plus, if computer equipment leaves your home, it may no longer be protected.
  • What if new equipment is purchased?

    If your newly acquired equipment is less than 25% of your policy limit, you will receive automatic coverage for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. You have 30 days to notify Mercer of the newly acquired equipment and you will need to pay for any additional premium to add the item. If you newly acquired equipment exceeds 25% of your policy limit, you will need to notify Mercer immediately to add the equipment to your policy.
  • What's the minimum premium required under this plan?

    Unlike many other business equipment policies that require you to pay minimum premiums in the hundreds of dollars, the Business Equipment Program for ADHA members has only a $50 minimum annual premium. Whether you're just starting to acquire your portable equipment or computer accessories, or you only wish to cover some of your standard business equipment, you can do so without paying extra for coverage you don't need.
  • Is there coverage if any equipment is loaned to someone else?

    Yes, the policy should provide coverage, however, to best protect yourself, it is highly encouraged to see if the person you are lending to will add the item to their policy and add you as a loss payee for that item.
  • Will my Professional Liability insurance policy cover my equipment?

    No, your professional liability insurance policy does not cover the costs for lost, damaged or stolen equipment.
  • If there is a covered claim for an item that must be replaced, is the replacement value of the equipment paid?

    Yes, replacement value will be paid if the insured amount for the item is equal to or greater than the replacement value. Further, we recommend reviewing your equipment schedule annually to make sure that your equipment is insured at the most current, appropriate values.
  • What is ‘Special Risk’ insurance?

    Special Risk means that there are a limited number of exclusions to the policy and if a peril is not listed in the exclusions, the policy should provide coverage.

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How to Report a Claim

Any situation which may result in a claim should be reported immediately to:


Mailing Address:

York Claims Service, Inc.
99 Cherry Hill Road, Suite 102
Parsippany, New Jersey 07054



Phone: 1-866-391-9675(YORK)

Fax: 1-973-404-1040


  • Theft or Vandalism Claims: Include the police report.
  • Repair Claims: Include an estimate of the damage.
  • Theft/Damage to Newly Acquired Property: Include proof of purchase.
  • Items Valued over $10,000: Include proof of purchase.